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Bringing AutoHotkey to Web 2.0

Drag and Drop Editor

The CloudAHK drag and drop script editor gives you the power of AutoHotkey with the simplicity of Scratch. Built using the open source Blockly engine, developed by Googled and tweaked by MIT and Microsoft, the CloudAHK editor looks great and is super easy to use.

Enter the Editor

Available for Desktop

A dedicated desktop application for the CloudAHK block editor is available, leveraging the Neutron HTML GUI library to pack it all into a portable AutoHotkey script. The desktop app has all the same great features as the web editor plus a few extras!

  • Run your scripts straight from the editor
  • Save and load from your local hard drive
  • Integrated console for the print command
Download for Desktop

Built on Open Source

CloudAHK was built on the backs of many great open source projects.